Why I Aspire to Zero

I started Aspire to Zero not only to lower the amount of waste that has to end up the equally bad fates of filling up landfills that are already full, being dumped in the ocean causing havoc to marine ecosystems, or being burned which pollutes the air we breathe (the air we need to survive) and makes climate change even worse. But I also started it to reimagine how we think of waste and educate people to learn, change, and reimagine how they think of waste too.

I don’t practice a Zero Waste lifestyle at home. With all I have going on in my life, I cannot yet reach this laudable goal. But my family strives to lessen our footprint every week. Once one behavior change has been incorporated into our lives, we move onto another one and another, knowing this constant improvement is good for our sense of discipline and good for the planet.

For some people, going cold turkey and committing to go fully Zero Waste is their best way to learn and do their part. For others, this may generate feelings of guilt when you don’t reach the lofty goal. Guilt is not a helpful emotion for behavior change. When I realized this, I knew it is best for me to ASPIRE TO ZERO. To never lose sight of that goal while also being kind to myself in accounting for whatever obstacles may stand in my way. Life is crazy. Nobody has to be perfect. But let’s not lose the sense of improving, starting with becoming aware of where our waste goes and doing our part to produce less, one goal at a time.

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