NYC Public Schools

Elevate to become a sustainable school

The Zero Waste Schools (ZWS) initiative in NYC is underway and more than 100 schools are already participating in the effort, receiving support from the NYC Department of Sanitation. If you are a school administrator, staff, or parent of a student and are interested in how your school can go zero-waste, Rachana can help. Whether it’s in a rundown of how the program works, grant writing, conducting a waste assessment, or holding an educational assembly for the students or parents on what it means to go Zero Waste, Rachana has the experience to get you off the ground. 

Schools with sustainability programs are more attractive to potential students. Schools can tie Zero Waste programs to a curriculum or build-up to Earth Day/Park Day activities in April/May. Additionally, Rachana can work with your school to create an after-school curriculum incorporating science, math, social studies, art, and music around climate education. Email Rachana for a 30-minute consultation.

For public schools outside of NYC, contact Rachana to see how she can assist your needs by working within your local guidelines.

Sustainable Business Consultations

Restaurant, Food Service Provider, or Small Business

Looking for a sure way to differentiate your business from the competition–GO GREEN and emphasize sustainability! Attitudes towards sustainability practices are rapidly shifting, especially among young people. Get ahead of the trend by aspiring to Zero Waste.

Work with Rachana to make meaningful changes to reduce waste. She will start by analyzing the largest waste streams in your business and making suggestions for maximum impact, such as:

  • Working with suppliers to reduce packaging waste
  • Switching from plastic/Styrofoam take-out containers to eco-friendly options while educating the customer on the benefits
  • Reducing food waste by participating in large-scale compost programs
  • Lowering paper waste by analyzing printing/usage habits within your company
  • Finding other organizations ready to reuse what one organization considers waste

Efforts like these lead to critical education and marketing efforts to attract more customers and increase loyalty. Plus, organizations save money by reducing hefty waste collection fees! Rachana can work with your needs to create a customized and phased-in approach to reach your goal of waste reduction, whether its a 50% reduction, 75%, 90%, or going entirely Zero Waste. Email Rachana for a free 30-minute consultation.

Workshops & Presentations

Hold a Workshop at your school, place of business, or community center

Rachana is a trained Climate Speaker and can create customized workshops, presentations, or assemblies that work for your audience. Examples include:

  • Why Recycle? Myth-busting what’s really important in recycling
  • The Climate Crisis and what we can do about it
  • The Plastic Problem and the Case for Reducing Waste
  • How much do you know about Climate Change? An interactive game to see how well you know the problem and the solutions!

Is your workplace starting a sustainability program? Rachana can educate the users on how it works and why their participation matters. Is your school looking for a dynamic one-off assembly appropriate for any grade level about how climate change will affect their futures? Rachana engages with kids to have fun and thought-provoking conversations that pique their curiosity. She can speak to faith-based communities about reducing waste in their churches, synagogues, temples or mosques and how that ties into the teachings of their faith. Or bring her in to speak at a conference to explain what Zero Waste means and she will deliver an interactive, energetic presentation that will keep your participants thinking about how they can do their part!

Zero Waste Events

Conferences, Festivals, Street Fairs, and any large gathering

Events are great opportunities for meeting and having meaningful discussions on topics of shared interest. Planning events can be challenging, which is why thinking through where a large amount of waste will end up is usually not top of mind for event planners. However, event attendees will notice and appreciate efforts to reduce waste. In fact, this can be a focal point of your event that generates positive feedback on social media. Thoughtful actions build loyalty to the organization and show they are thinking about their impact on the planet. Email Rachana for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how to really make your event stand out by walking the talk on your environmental values.

“Rachana is the voice we need right now! She’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and practical. As a parent on the school Green Team with her, I got to observe how she respects every voice, from big to small. With her, it’s not about lecturing what people should do, but coming up with solutions that serve our community together. Plus, the kids absolutely adored her.”