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Together We Can Aspire to Zero Waste


At Aspire to Zero, we want to reimagine GOING ZERO WASTE as a journey, rather than a destination. When we take conscious steps towards reducing the amount of waste we generate, we can see, measure, and communicate the benefits. Starting NOW to set your organization on a path to a cleaner future shows your commitment to the health and wellbeing of the members of your organization, especially when combined with a pledge to continually strive towards Zero Waste.

Aspire to Zero’s founder, Rachana Shah, will work with you to see what fits your time, budget and pace so that your goal of going Zero Waste can be realized, whether that means your pledge for the short-term is to reduce waste by 50% or to go all the way up to ZERO.

  • For businesses and event planners, she will show you how reducing waste can save you money and build customer loyalty. She will tie your efforts into marketing materials and strategic efforts to grow and promote your business/event.
  • For schools and institutions, she will build realistic phased approaches to create big change and educate and empower users to want to reduce waste.

She brings specific knowledge, experience, practicality, and passion for this work. Currently, Rachana does Zero Waste Consulting work in New York City. Businesses interested in initiating organics collection programs, setting up full zero waste programs, conducting waste audits and gathering metrics for ESG and other reporting or more, please contact Rachana. Stay tuned for Rachana’s public speaking engagements posted on the “Featured” page.  Email to discuss having her speak at your next zero waste educational event.

Together, we can Aspire To Zero Waste.

“Some people think going Zero Waste is about fitting all your trash for a year in a small glass jar. That is the destination. Going Zero Waste is really about the journey. It’s the pledge you make to become aware of your impact on our environment and every small behavior change you make on your journey. While you may not reach the final destination, your outlook gets better the farther up you go.”
Rachana Shah
Founder of Aspire to Zero


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